Seminar, Allergy free tree selection

A seminar with Tom Ogren

The selection of trees for planting in the urban landscape is becoming more sophisticated. Interest in the connection between allergy and urban landscapes has increased recently driven by several factors. First, allergy rates are rising at an epidemic pace. This is true in the US and in all urban cities worldwide. Twenty-five years ago only 10% of the US population suffered from allergy. Today the official figure is 38% and rising. Second, deaths from asthma, long ago almost unknown, are now becoming common. 7,000 people are expected to die in the US in the year 2000 "from complications due to asthma." A very high percentage of the asthma victims will be children.

Tom Ogren has emerged as one of the leading experts in his field with an extensive knowledge of allergenic plants and their impact on people and communities. He devised the OPALSTM (Ogren Plant Allergy Scale) which is now used by, among others, the American Lung Association and the USDA Urban Foresters. OPALSTM measures the allergy potential of all garden and landscape plants. Making one of his rare visits to the UK this is a rare opportunity to hear Tom Ogren speak in person and hear his views and experiences first hand.

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