Seminar, Urban forest resilience through species selection 21st July

A seminar with Dr Andy Hirons and Duncan Slater

Andy will be exploring how knowledge of plant traits can improve the way we select tree species for urban environments. This will include discussion on tree mortality and the fundamental reasons that trees die in urban environments. Since hydraulic failure is one of the major mechanisms of tree death we can select trees that possess traits that give trees greater tolerance to low water availability: we can bring science to selection. This talk will draw on a wide range of published literature as well as Andy's own research to present new ideas on tree selection and planting a resilient urban forest.

Duncan will be reporting on the progress of his PhD study into junctions in trees, highlighting how to survey for differences in strength of bark-included junctions and other recent findings from this research work. He will also give a personal perspective on the direction of travel of arboricultural science, detailing areas where progress could most usefully be made.


The day is completely FREE of charge with breakfast and lunch included