Corylus avellana multi-stem

Corylus avellana multi-stem

The squirrel’s favourite, also known as the cobnut or Filbert, this is our native Hazel.

We supplied our neighbour with 34 plants in 2007 and this has now made a fantastic instant hedge that you can view when you visit Barcham.

A small tree with a rounded habit, it looks particularly striking in the early spring when it is adorned with its long yellow “lambs tail” catkins. The nuts in autumn aren’t bad either!

A very good choice for gardens, parks and woodlands. We supply this tree as a multi-stemmed coppiced specimen that makes a great under plant for a woodland or instant infill within a hedgerow.

Quick to grow, we recommend a five year cycle of coppicing down to only a few inches above ground level.

This can be done in February / March after the catkins finish and although you will sacrifice any fruiting potential for that year, you will end up with a more bushy and vibrant plant as a result.

Mature heights and crown spread can vary depending on environmental conditions

Mature height: 3-5m

Mature spread: 3-4m

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