SEMINAR, Another perspective on transplanting mature trees

Wednesday 13 March 2019, Barcham Trees, 9.30-4.30

1. Another perspective on transplanting mature trees. Timing? Size of root ball?
Many years ago, we at Viveros Pagola, like many other nurseries in Europe, dug out root balls by hand to transplant. Now, we have another tool which helps us facilitate this. Air Spade has been one of the best tools for landscapers for the last few years. The downsize in weight of the root ball has also helped to increase the rate of success.
2. We have been involved in several projects in the City of San Sebastian with extra heavy standards trees. Projects with artificial or manmade soil.
3. Tree Hardiness Zone 9 (G. Krüssmann), is really San Sebastian similar to North Florida? In the Manual of Cultivated Broad-Leaved Trees and Shrubs of G. Krüssmann, the City of San Sebastian is represented as zone 9. Same zone
as the Northern part of Florida. What type of trees  are similar? Will you expect to see as many
subtropical trees?
4. Forensics, an arborist in Court.
A discussion about the ownership of a land. How a microscope helps to acknowledge the real owner from the false one.

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