Free seminar, Dutch approach of tree management, overstructured or complete? with Henry Kuppen, Harold Schoenmakers and Herman Wevers

Thursday 24 October 2019, Barcham Trees 9.30-3.30

In the Netherlands treecare is professionalized in the past 20 to 25 years. Before this time arborists used a self-proclaimed title like ‘treesurgeon’. Since the first Visual Tree Asseccors, and the European Tree Workers were introduced and later the European Tree Technician, clients were able to demand these certifications
to improve quality of work.

Generally this was a boost to the industry as companies couldn’t get work anymore if they had no certified employees. As a result of this movement and still even some bad work, clients realised that there is a need for standards, procedures and protocols. Typically these standards are products by commercial companies
who have their effort in the licenses they sell to clients.

Also the schooling system was renewed by the new certificates and ideas about treecare and -consultancy. The result of these certificates is that the base-level of the industry and her employees had grown rapidly. Or is it now just more of the same, because of the certificates?

This seminar will be held by 3 leading specialist in the Dutch treecare industry. They all have a specialisation in this industry and a low threshold way to transfer benefits and opportunities to the audience.

The topics they will talk about:
Systematic process management
Contracting methods and standards
Municipality organizations and integral work
Management structure trees
Tree related certifications and education
Systematic pruning models
Actual municipality pest & diseases
Dutch research in arboriculture

As the experience of the speakers is wide spread they are enthusiast to be challenged by your questions to give a unique insight in the Dutch situation.