Sorbus aria Magnifica

Magnifica, Whitebeam

The clusters of creamy white flowers appear in April and May, followed by bright orange-red fruit in the autumn time, when the leaves turn a golden brown before falling. Interestingly this tree loses its leaves much later than Sorbus aria Lutescens, so if planting an avenue it is a good idea to mix Lutescens and Magnifica to get the best from these two trees.

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Introduced into general nursery cultivation in the early 1920s this urban clone has ascending branches and is well equipped to cope with the rigours of reflected heat and light common to developed areas.

Although it is not as stunning in the spring as ‘Lutescens’ it will keep going for longer in the late summer and autumn.

This medium size tree is conical when young becoming broadly oval at maturity.

The large leaves are dark green on top with silver-white undersides.

It has the white flowers and red fruits characteristic of the species and is a good choice for parks streets and avenues.

Mature height: 7-12m

Mature spread: 4-8m

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Magnifica, Whitebeam
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