Landscape architects and designers are being given the opportunity to discover more about tree health, biosecurity and tree nursery practice at training days to be run by Barcham Trees at its Ely, Cambridgeshire, nursery in the summer of 2018.

Barcham’s Keith Sacre explains “We have already been approached by landscape architect and garden design practices to offer their staff continual personal development (CPD) sessions on plant health and biosecurity. The question of biosecurity is recognised as being one of the most critical issues of the moment, with the threat posed from uncontrolled importation of plant material growing exponentially. Given our position and experience, we can offer sound advice to anyone involved in the selection and use of trees in the landscape, especially regarding injudicious use of imported stock”.

The days will focus on biosecurity control measures, the impacts on production, how nursery practice can increase and maintain plant health, and what the individual specifying trees can do to reduce the risk of importing pests and diseases. To express an interest in a training day, practices are invited to e-mail Keith [email protected] All events will be free-of-charge with complimentary breakfast and lunch included. All sessions will be held at Barcham Trees’ nursery. No dates have been set yet and the number of days available will depend on demand.



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