Container sizes

How big are the containers the trees come in?

The containers that we have at Barcham now range from 20L to 3000L.

The following guide gives you an idea of the dimensions of each size of container:

Pot Height(cm) Width(cm) approx weight

20L 30cm  30cm   25kg
35L 25cm 30cm    35kg
45L 35cm 40cm    50kg
65L 40cm 45cm    70kg
100L 45cm 60cm  105kg
150L 55cm 60cm  155kg
250L 65cm 70cm  255kg
350L 70cm 80cm  355kg
500L 75cm 95cm  505kg
750L 80cm 110cm  755kg
1000L 100cm 120cm  1005kg
1750L 100cm 150cm  1755kg
3000L 125cm 175cm  3005kg