Planting in wet soils

There are a number of factors to consider when planting trees in sites prone to water logging the primary consideration being that one should choose tree species that are tolerant of this site quality. In conjunction with appropriate species selection site preparation prior to planting plays an integral role in the successful establishment of trees when site conditions are poor.

Here we are going to give you some tips to planting pit preparation and planting success in soils prone to being wet:

1. The key consideration is the size of the planting pit. The larger the planting pit the better as this essentially opens up the compacted area within which water is likely to pool and increases the surface area for drainage.

2. Following excavation of the pit further drainage holes throughout the pit will also facilitate the movement of water from it. For example place a number of further deep holes in the bottom and sides of the pit.

3. Following this a layer of aggregate such as pea shingle can be applied across the bottom of the pit to a depth of approximately 10cm. This will elevate the root system of the newly planted tree above any pooling water.

4. Once you have filled in the planting pit it is useful to fork the area around the outside of the planting pit to give water further pathways to drain away from the root system of the tree.

If you follow the above tips when planting in a wet site (or any site) this will aid water drainage away from your newly planted tree and result in successful establishment un-plagued by water logging.

Failure to follow these tips on pit preparation may lead to disappointment as the pooling of water in the bottom of your planting pit can reduce root productivity and ultimately lead to tree failure if your tree is subjected to water logged conditions over an extended period of time.

Now that you are confident of how to prepare your planting pit let Barcham Trees guide you to making the right tree selection for your wet site and provide you with trees that will give instant impact and long term results.