Acer negundo Flamingo

Variegated Box Elder

Very adaptable and recommended as a garden or verge tree.

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This size is currently unavailable for sale; the next batch is currently being grown at Barcham and will be available for sale soon.

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Product details

Acer negundo Flamingo has young leaves that have a wide soft pink margin which turns to white.

Best displays of foliage appear when the Variegated Box Maple are hard pruned in winter.

Acer negundo Flamingo, like its parent the Box Elder, can be considered resistant to the perils of Honey fungus and therefore is a useful selection for any garden where this has been a problem.

We supply bottom worked standard trees as it tends to break out when top worked onto a negundo stem.

Acer negundo Flamingo is a good choice for heavy clay soils and for waterside plantings it performs just as well in lighter drier ones.

It also tolerates air pollution and soil compaction.

Very adaptable and recommended as a garden or verge tree.

Mature height: 12-17m

Mature spread: 4-8m

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Common names
Variegated Box Elder
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