Acer saccharinum

Silver Maple, Water Maple, White Maple

Pruning only produces weakened branch unions so if possible leave Acer saccharinum well alone!

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A stately tree which grows along river banks in its native eastern North America, its common name is on account of the silvery underneath of its leaves,

Large and fast growing its branches are often brittle and prone to breaking. Suitable for large and open spaces but never be tempted to shoehorn into restricted areas or you will inherit a maintenance nightmare.

It tolerates air pollution and wet soils. There are several examples that have reached over 30 metres in height in as little as 100 years so be sure to give it plenty of room at planting.

As soon as you start to manipulate quick growing trees such as Silver Maple they can be prone to forming poor branch angles that you can be sure will break out with time. Our advice is to give it sufficient space in which to grow in the first place and leave well alone.

Mature height:17-22

Mature spread: 12-18m

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Silver Maple, Water Maple, White Maple
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