Alnus glutinosa multi stem

Common Alder

It is a tough contender which is capable of thriving in all soils, even poor ones, and tolerates air pollution.

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This size is currently unavailable for sale; the next batch is currently being grown at Barcham and will be available for sale soon.

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Once used for the production of clogs in northern England, this medium sized native tree has a conical growth habit and produces yellow catkins in March.

Its natural habitat is boggy land and river banks however it is also very good for urban plantings as it thrives in all soils and tolerates air pollution.

Available as both multi-stemmed and single stem being a native tree it is a wonderful host to a wide range of wildlife.

It is a very useful variety to plant where the ground is liable to flood and survives many weeks with its roots underwater.

There was a scare about Alder being susceptible to Phytophthora along water courses up and down the country but this was highly overstated and Alnus glutinosa remains a vital inclusion to any native planting mix.

In its early years Common Alder can grow very quickly, sometimes putting on over two metres of growth in a single growing season when the availability of water coupled with high temperatures predominate. A great tree for use as a screen, it is often seen flanking orchards for this reason.

We stock these as both single or multi-stemmed.

Mature height: 7-22m

Mature spread: 8-12m

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Common Alder
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