Ginkgo biloba Golden Globe

Dwarf Ginkgo

Ginkgo biloba Golden Globe is a small, slow growing Maidenhair Tree which is perfect for small gardens or restricted spaces.

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Ginkgo biloba GoLDEN gLOBE is a small, slow growing Maidenhair Tree which is perfect for small gardens or restricted spaces.

The parent of this cultivar, Ginkgo biloba, is a deciduous conifer that is appreciated for being a living fossil, with recognisable fossils dating back over 270 million years! It is such a tough tree that 6 specimens reportedly even managed to survive within 1-2km radius of the Hiroshima atomic bomb explosion in Japan in 1945; the trees were charred but soon returned to health.

The Maidenhair tree is completely unique, and usually grows to around 20m in height. This variety is far more garden friendly, it is extremely small and slow growing, forming a broad bush like shape. The leaves are a little smaller than the parent and similar in fan-like shape, emerging a vivid yellow green in spring and turning a clear yellow in autumn.

At Barcham Trees we have this lovely and interesting specimen with branches right down to the base of the tree, it is a single stem, but has many side branches, giving it a broad, bush like appearance. Like its parent, this interesting tree prefers fertile soil that is moist and well drained and performs best in full sun.

Ginkgo biloba Golden Globe is the perfect choice for those who like to bring some wide ranging interest to their planting schemes and whilst it is easily recognisable as being a Maidenhair tree, the shape and size of this species will have people guessing regarding its parentage.

Mature height: 7-12m

Mature spread: 4-6m

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Dwarf Ginkgo
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