Larix x eurolepis

Dunkeld Larch, Hybrid Larch

It is a large and fast growing tree with good timber and amenity. Ideal for street verges or parkland.

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Discovered around 1904 in Dunkeld, Perthshire, this hybrid is particularly robust and is a cross between European Larch and Japanese Larch. To be fair all the Larch we grow have very similar attributes and are difficult to tellll apart.

This would be the best choice of cultivar for its toughness. Larix flowers in March, females are of a reddish purple followed by cones.

It is a large and fast growing tree with good timber and amenity value. Ideal for street verges or parkland, this deciduous conifer is, in my opinion, greatly underused. There is something primeval about Larch, a wonderful relic to an age before us.

Mature height: 17-22m
Mature spread: 4-8m

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Dunkeld Larch, Hybrid Larch
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