Magnolia grandiflora Praecox


This evergreen Magnolia is sometimes referred to as ‘Goliath

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This evergreen Magnolia is sometimes referred to as ‘Goliath’. It is hardy enough for the southern half of the UK but prefers a sheltered south facing location to keep its lush evergreen crown well furnished with its large ridged leaves that are a very distinctive dark green above and rusty brown below. Magnolia grandiflora Praecox is more floriferous at an earlier age Magnolia grandiflora Gallissonniere it will flower throughout the summer and even into the early autumn when the weather is on its side.

Magnolia grandiflora types are always more open in habit than on the continent where the summers are more routinely warmer. They thrive on most free draining soils from neutral to acid and its large supersized creamy white flowers are both fragrant and stunning.

Mature height 7-12m

Mature crown spread: 5-8m

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